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Gone are the days of landlines and fax machines. With the tech age, people both young and old own smartphones, tablets, digital watches and other products as part of their everyday lives.

Phone products are a great way to reach an audience at any age with items that are useful and long-lasting. With your brand showcased front and center, there’s no selfie, text message or phone call that your brand will go unnoticed. Think of cell phone accessories as the modern-day billboard.

Did you know that the average person makes 8,000 estimated public texts and calls per year? That’s advertising space seen by 67 times more people than a Super Bowl commercial! Mobile phones are easily one of the most valuable pieces of real-estate for your brand. 

One of the hottest trends in promotional products is the Ring Holders.


Ring Holders are small, plastic contraptions that adhere to the back of your phone.

Mobile phones are easily one of the most valuable pieces of real-estate for your brand – and Ring Holders are one of the fun, new ways to earn that placement.

And, because the Ring Holder is so functional, it’s extremely useful for customers of any age group. If you want a conversation starter at your next tradeshow, fear not.

You can screenprint your company logo or message, turning a cool tech gift into a useful marketing tool. Every time recipients charge up their phone or tech device (which is probably daily), they’ll be reminded of your business.  Plus, you can even get power banks in trendy neon shades such as pink and orange. You can design power banks to fit your brand and campaign perfectly.


POWER BANKS (external batteries) 

Savvy marketers are finding ways to cater to their customers’ technology needs, and custom power banks are the promo gift dujour. 

Power banks are compatible with all kinds of phones – iPhones, Androids, Motorola, HTC, and others – but you can also use them to charge up GPS devices, iPads and other tablets. They’re equipped with a USB to micro USB connecting cable that can be used to recharge the battery backup or tech devices.



Travel is an enormous industry in the U.S. The U.S. Travel Association reported that in 2016, the U.S. travel industry generated $2.3 trillion dollars. That covers both business and leisure travel. That’s quite a chunk of change, right?

According to Bethany Bannister, marketing specialist at Hirsch Gift, Inc., “Cellphone accessories, power banks, backpacks, headphones or earbuds,”... “Anything that makes the journey more enjoyable, easier and provides some comfort will always find a place in the tourism [and] hospitality industry.”

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