Promotional Products

Welcome to the source of over a million promotional products and decorated apparel.  We are located in Phoenix, Arizona but service the entire country.  We provide personalized imprinting including, embroidery, silk screening, embossing, debossing, hot stamping etc... on various promotional items, for all businesses.  We also provide paper printing including business cards, letterhead, postcards, labels, NCR forms and so much more!

For a successful business, every opportunity for an impression is important.  Every trade show, giveaway, and client appreciation gift are all opportunities to make that impression. 

r Mission

To provide you one stop shopping of all your promotional product and printing needs to help your business, products and services grow while knowing you received great service at a great price.

Connect with your clients

It's no longer about customer service.  It's about customer loyalty.  We're always trying to improve our connections with our clients, and there are some effective ways to do that with promotional items that will help make your clients loyal to you.

There's that promotional pen your financial adviser gave you when you first met with them. It's your favorite pen. Consciously or not, you associate the good feelings of "effective" and "does its job well" with that financial firm every time you use the promo pen. When you give quality logo pens to your customers, they'll associate the quality with your brand.

The pen is probably sitting on top of a promotional sticky note pad you got from your accounting firm. The paper and high-quality sticky help you to keep you jot down quick notes. And the firm is top of mind when you do. Custom journals and logo notebooks make fantastic pieces of an executive gift pack as well, and encourage your customers to be more creative and more organized.

Behind the pad and pen is a promotional travel mug you were given by your business coach when you started this company. Every morning to start your day, you clear your head and remind yourself of the lessons she taught you while you literally holding her brand in your hand. Giving coffee or travel mugs with your logo to your clients puts your brand on their desk every day.

Promo products create connections between your brand and your clients. Give them the right branded products, from promotional office items to custom t-shirts and custom logo hats, and your clients will keep them for a long time, making impressions every day.


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